Start Your Own New Abrasive Blasting Business Adelaide

Starting a new mobile blasting business could be a great opportunity to earn a good income with flexible working hours. Dustless blasting is not new technology but it is the future of surface preparation. It is a powerful technique for paint stripping and corrosion removal in so many industries. It is the perfect tool to blast away paint, body filler, and rust and the process is faster, cleaner, and greener than any other paint stripping technology.

Whether you are a sandblasting contractor, or wish to start your own new abrasive blasting business or do blasting of products in your own business, there is one place that you may not want to overlook for top quality sandblasting equipment and sandblasting supplies. Many factors should influence your buying decision and we can help sort them out for you. If you are in the market to purchase or rent a piece of sandblasting equipment, we can provide you with expert technical advice. Powerful equipment aided by the knowledge of our engineering staff, who will select the appropriate abrasive for your job will enable you to handle almost any job small or big.

Advanced Abrasive Blasting Media and Supplies

Quantum Blast is your one stop shop with everything you require to start your blasting business in Adelaide. Whether you need advanced abrasive blasting equipment or abrasive media supplies – we’ve got you covered!

We have been in your shoes as blasting contractors in Adelaide and have been putting all the hard (and smart) work to deliver the best outcomes to our customers. Throughout our journey, we have learned and gained a better understanding of different industries and how their needs vary from one another.

One Stop Shop for Abrasive Sandblasting Accessories

Quantum Blast is continuing to grow and set the bar as an industry standard for abrasive blasting equipment not only in Australia but abroad as well. Quantum Blast continues to grow and is currently in the process of adding a large variety of surface finishing equipment in an effort to become a “One Stop Shop” for all of your abrasive & finishing needs.

As we continue on our path of unprecedented growth, our commitment will always be to provide quality equipment, outstanding customer service, and a fresh and innovative approach to the abrasive blasting industry.

Quantum Blast provides high quality abrasive media such as garnet, soda and glass for businesses all across Adelaide. From our warehouse in Adelaide, we offer a very prompt and efficient delivery service across the whole of South Australia from Marryat in the north to Mt Gambier in the south and Hughes in the west.

Our Adelaide warehouse is located at:

Quantumblast Australia Pty Ltd

Unit 1K/18 Beafield Road, Para Hills West SA 5096

Phone 1300 822 569

We will not be beaten on quality or price. But don’t take our word for it. If you would like to speak to any one of our customers, please let us know and we will gladly put you in touch with one of the hundreds of satisfied customers in South Australia.

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