Full cars, Parts, Chassis, Trucks, RapidBlast™ can do it all. Removal of rust and body filler has never been so easy. The water helps with heat reduction and friction and reduces panel warping unlike dry blasting.

Graffiti Removal

Removal of graffiti from all kinds of services. Fast and easy, full mobility makes RapidBlast™ the perfect companion for graffiti removal contractors.

Line Marking Removal

Concrete grinding can be slow, messy and damaging to concrete. RapidBlast™ removes line marking removal quickly and with minimal damage to the substrate.

“The uses for RapidBlast™ are only limited by your imagination.“

Line Marking Removal

Before After

Brick & Stone

Restore old bricks and stone to their natural beauty. Use it for just cleaning brick and stone or removing old paint, no chemicals used with RapidBlast™.


General Paint

Fast paint removal from any surface, anywhere! No job too hard RapidBlast™. Leave your job with a nice clean metal finish ready for new paint.

Rust & Corrosion

Removal of heavy rust is easy leaving clean steel to work with. Add rust inhibitor to the blast water and stop flash rust for up to 72 hours before painting.

Full Support & Service

Choose A Package That is Right For You.

RapidBlast™ has set the standard. Contact us to arrange the best possible package to suit your individual requirements. With wet blasting equipment for sale at such a reasonable price and with so many perks, why would you choose anything else?

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