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The oil and gas industry presents some of the most demanding conditions for asset maintenance. The major problems faced in maintenance of assets to remove corrosion in the oil and gas industry are:

  • Equipment is susceptible to various forms of galvanic, chloride, acidic, or alkaline corrosion
  • A less visible type of corrosion occurs when dissimilar metals are used together (new metal is anodic to old metal, a highly stressed metal is anodic to a less stressed metal
  • Mill scale in new metals once detached also leads to corrosion.
  • Maintenance operations on shore is remote or offshore
  • Environmental conditions include extreme temperatures, heat, dryness, freezing conditions, chemical pollution, smoke
  • Access to equipment could be challenging being deep underground or at a height
  • Round the clock operations and high cost of shutdown require maintenance on live pipelines

Corrosion is a major obstacle in pipes’ operability both for long and short periods of time. Whenever a rusty and corroded pipe is filled, for example, with sea water, the damage is major, leading to its deterioration and, the cost of repair or replacing it is enormous. Apart from corrosion, the oil and gas industry require maintenance to remove industrial coatings, tank linings, paint layer and organic growth & barnacles on marine and offshore oil & gas structures.

Through the use of regular maintenance and removal of corrosion and the appropriate protective coating and treatments, the life of the asset can be extended and it can continue to operate at maximum efficiency for many years. The blasting of the inner walls of pipes significantly improves their efficiency. Blasting inner walls of pipes allows a smooth flow of liquids and gas through pipes, thus increasing their efficiency and operability. A slight increase in the pipes’ operability can result in millions of dollars of increased profitability.

The most effective way to ensure long service life and increased operability for oil and gas pipelines is blasting them with professional equipment and applying a durable coating.

Dry Abrasive Blasting:

Traditional dry abrasive blasting is used in the oil & gas to Traditional dry blasting can present damaging, dangerous and often costly ramifications for workers, quality control and the environment, as well as presenting compliance issues.

Wet Abrasive Blasting:

On the other hand, wet abrasive blasting offers a clean, low dust, environmentally friendly and safe technology for corrosion removal. Wet abrasive blasting is one of the most safest and effective methods of maintaining oil and gas pipelines – both interior and exterior.

sandblasted car ready for paint
sandblasted car ready for paint

 Wet abrasive blasting technology can be used:

  • To blast on live pipelines with no plant shutdown required
  • Adjacent to critical equipment
  • In proximity to workers and other operators
  • Without static discharge or sparking
  • Virtually dustfree without a plume of dust

Wet abrasive blasting can:

  • Increase boiler efficiency, pipe flow
  • Increase tank and storage availability
  • Use nearly half the abrasive as dry blasting; less abrasive means less transportation and disposal
  • Eliminate most harmful aspects of surface preparation and make cleaning and profiling easier


As it is, the oil and gas industry is under immense scrutiny of international regulators and environmental organizations due to the impact of fossil fuels on climate change. In the circumstances, , a lower negative impact of its activities on the environment is a major plus and the use of wet abrasive blasting could be widely embraced by the industry.

The uses for RapidBlast™ are only limited by your imagination.

Brick & Stone

Restore old bricks and stone to their natural beauty. Use it for just cleaning brick and stone or removing old paint, no chemicals used with RapidBlast™. 

General Paint

Fast paint removal from any surface, anywhere! No job too hard RapidBlast™. Leave your job with a nice clean metal finish ready for new paint.

Rust & Corrosion

Removal of heavy rust is easy leaving clean steel to work with. Add rust inhibitor to the blast water and stop flash rust for up to 72 hours before painting.

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