Titan Airless Sprayers

Optimise your time on the job site

Good luck trying to wear out any of the PowrCoat™ sprayers. Not only is this series of workhorses endlessly reliable, but it also delivers mobility and a quicker spray with minimal maintenance. Here’s what makes the PowrCoat series such a long-lasting mainstay on the job site:

  • Hard-chrome polished piston and cylinders for an extended life
  • Lubrication adjustment for added versatility
  • High-capacity outlet filter for reduced tip plugging
  • PowrCoat piston is engineered for unmatched chemical and solvent resistance
  • AirCare™ system eliminates motor icing

Longer life with a fraction of the maintenance

Featuring Severe Service™

  • Hard-chrome polished piston and cylinders for an extended life
  • Tungsten carbide valve seats with hardened steel check balls for better performance and durability
  • PowrCoat piston engineered for unmatched chemical and solvent resistance while also creating a smoother stroke for less friction and wear
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Powrcoat Series

Versatility and Efficiency from a sprayer so tough it’s viturally indestrcutible

So tough they are virtually indestructible. Severe Service™ means twice the life with half the maintenance. The durability, reliability, and ease of operation that you need are built in to each unit. PowrCoat Sprayers have been used throughout the world, providing their owners with dependable, efficient operation.

  • Severe Service Fluid Section Features self-adjusting packings.
  • Severe Service Piston Rod and Cylinder Titan exclusive hard-chrome plating is the hardest and slickest wear surface in the industry.
  • High Capacity Outlet Filter Features 3/8” and 1/4” outlets and easy-on/easy-off filter access.
  • Air Filter, Moisture Separator, Regulator and Lubricator Included on all PowrCoat models.
  • Heavy-Duty Frame Features large 16” pneumatic tires, convenient lift handles, heavyduty crane hook and high capacity hose rack that holds up to 200 feet of 1/2” hose
Double Diaphragm

Zip 52 Spray Pack

The extremely reliable, durable, yet compact design of the pump makes it suitable for manual or automatic as well as multiple gun applications.

The Wagner Fine Flow Controller (FFC) 3-in-1 is a patented fluid refulator with an integrated material filter. The excellent regulating characteristic combined with the anti-pulsation effect of the filter chamber, guarantees a very precise and almost pulsation free material flow.

The absence of any dead spaces enables quick colour change and low consumption of flushing fluids and less waste material.


  • All-Day Trigger®- 28% lighter trigger pull force and 74% less hold force.
  • FingerPrint+ Grip™ – Fully adjustable grip delivers maximum customization.
  • Infinity Packing® – 2X the gun life by reversing the seat and changing the ball.
  • Free-Flow Swivel – Only direct feed airless gun with built-in swivel.


  • Ultra-light Trigger – 30% lighter than the competitors trigger pull decreasing fatigue.
  • FingerPrint Grip® – Customize the grip to comfortably fit any painter’s hand.
  • Infinity Packing® – 2X the gun life by reversing the seat and changing the ball.
  • Onboard Tools – Smart tools that make jobsite life easier.

S-7 Airless Gun

  • In-handle filter
  • Easy four-finger trigger pull 1/4″ swivel reduces hose kinks
  • Pressure rated at 3900 PSI (26.9 MPa)

Panther P200Z

The Panther 200Z is a conventional pressure feed sprayer designed for zinc rich applications. Comes with an all stainless steel fluid passage, delrin style nozzles to prevent plating and teflon hard coated body/air caps for an easy clean up.

Tomcat 100C

The T100C is an economical general purpose conventional air spray gun for spraying a wide range of coatings. Designed for production use, the TOMCAT is perfect for all coatings from thin to thick, stains to glue. Can also be used with internal mix nozzles as well as carbide tipped fluid nozzles for abrasives.

This gun features a self-adjusting needle packing, inexpensive nozzle replacement and rugged construction.