Discover How Easy It Is to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Abrasive Mobile Blasting Business

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Many people dream of one day being their own boss. You can enjoy truly amazing benefits that can be life changing, if you find the right type of business and grow it through hard work and dedication.

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    How did you hear about us?

    3 Important benefits of starting your own business…


    Earn in direct proportion to your effort instead of just wage increases based on CPI


    Freedom to spend more time pursuing your hobbies and with your loved ones


    Become your own boss, take charge of your future and live life your way

    What is Dustless Blasting?

    You would have heard of sandblasting which has been around for many years. An advancement of its technology is dustless or vapour blasting and here is a simple explanation of how it works.

    Traditionally, dry sandblasting uses just two elements: abrasive media and compressed air to remove coatings, contaminants, corrosion and residue from hard surfaces. This is effective but environmental restrictions require dry blasting to be performed in a contained area only. The cloud of dust that forms from the media and the coating particles is hazardous to health.

    Dustless Blasting introduces an additional element of water to suppress the dust. Water
    is mixed with the abrasive media to form a wet slurry. The wet slurry is introduced
    into the high pressure air stream from the compressor and blasted onto the substrate to remove the coating/corrosion from the surface.

    The mass of the media is greatly increased by soaking in water which gives a lot more energy to the media during blasting. To compare dry blasting with dustless blasting, “It’s like throwing a dry sock and a wet sock, the wet sock with go much further with the same energy applied”

    The RapidBlast Dustless Blasting System

    The RapidBlast dustless blasting system is designed incorporating state of the art Dustless Blasting technology and is suited for speed and efficiency. It is the perfect solution to overcome the limitations/restrictions of dry blasting and makes the process truly mobile and dustless.

    Compared to some other dustless systems, the RapidBlast machine is more efficient because the rate of slurry flow can be fine-tuned enabling optimal consumption rates and reduced operating costs.

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      The RapidBlast Business Opportunity

      RapidBlast offers a massive OPPORTUNITY if you are looking to start your own business. The applications of traditional sandblasting can be expanded many times over with Dustless Blasting. We all know that:

      • Paint gets flaky, dull and peels over time
      • Metal will eventually rust and corrode with weather and other elements
      • Various machinery and surfaces need to be stripped bare, degreased and restored or just cleaned thoroughly regularly


      The RapidBlast system tackles all of this and much more as you can:

      • Use the system at any customer site (including residential) or at your own premises
      • Blast objects of any size or shape including fixed structures that cannot fit inside a booth
      • Blast any surface from thick rust on farm machinery to paint off a can of coke
      • Have a virtually dust free system with no harmful chemicals
      • Have a custom designed trailer/truck with your brand, logo advertising
      • Buy with confidence a quality product made in Australia by experienced blasters


      You will appreciate this even more when you consider that a RapidBlast Business has

      • Very low set up costs
      • Very low running costs/overheads
      • No need for a warehouse/retail shop/brick and mortar premises
      • High customer demand
      • Premium hourly charge out rates
      • No requirement of trade license/prior experience and is easy to learn

      RapidBlast could provide everything that you need to start your own mobile paint stripping, surface cleaning and restoration business.

      How Much Can I Earn?

      Your earning potential is only limited by the number of hours you want to work.

      On an average, RapidBlast owners can make $160 per hour of blasting. Charge out rates could be around $220 per hour and the running cost is approximately $60 per hour.

      Very few legal business opportunities yield a gross profit margin of nearly 75%. For most people, the income from a RapidBlast business can be much better than working on a fixed wage.

      Before After

      Stone House Restoration

      Job: Paint removal from cottage
      Time: 4 hours
      Expenses: $220*
      Income: $960*

      Automotive Restoration

      Job: Paint and rust removal from shell
      Time: 4 hours
      Expenses: $240*
      Income: $960

      Line Marking Removal

      Job: 400m of mis-marked road line
      Time: 8 hours
      Expenses: $440*
      Income: $1920*

      *includes Garnet medie, rust inhibitor and diesel for compressor. Actual figures may vary depending on location, demand and prevailing costs.

      Already thinking of a couple of things that you can blast?

      Well here are 22 more that you can readily add to your list…

      • Graffiti removal
      • Rust and mill scale removal
      • Paint removal from a wide range of objects
      • Stainless steel cleaning
      • Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning
      • Removing industrial coatings for inspections
      • Preparing surfaces for coating
      • Offshore corrosion control
      • Exposing welds
      • Automotive and parts restoration
      • Marine – antifoul removal, aluminium and fibreglass paint removal, barnacle removal
      • Stone restoration
      • Glass etching / stencilling
      • Line marking removal
      • Brick restoration
      • Powder coating removal
      • Aggregate exposure
      • Concrete cleaning
      • Concrete stencilling
      • Monument and statue restoration
      • Soot/fire damage restoration
      • Hardwood restoration – decks, furniture, and fireplaces

      Dare we say, the RapidBlast system is extremely versatile. Our customers find many more uses and applications as they go along.

      The Next Steps

      Taking the first step is often the hardest. But if you are you willing to jump off the hamster wheel and begin to embark on the exciting journey to starting your own RapidBlast business, we suggest that you:

      • Speak to one of the experts at QuantumBlast to seek answers to any questions that you may have
      • Discuss your position, plans and goals to enable us to tailor the best package suited to your needs and budget
      • Arrange to view a demonstration of the equipment
      • Have a chat with our Finance Consultant to explore financing options
      • Speak to your accountant for advice on starting your own business. If you don’t have an accountant already, we can recommend one who specialises in assisting and growing small businesses.