RapidBlast Dustless Blasting FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What abrasive media can I use?
All RapidBlast™ pots can use any media heavier than water. This includes Glass, Garnett and even Soda!
Why do we use water?
When blasting with a slurry mixture the water vapour suppresses the loose dust from the media, hence “Dustless Blasting”. The water vapour also helps ground the media reducing containment costs drastically.
What is slurry blasting?
Slurry Blasting or Wet Abrasive Blasting or Dustless Blasting are terms used for Blasting with a mixture of Abrasive Media, Air and Water.
So… water is used, won’t it rust metal?
We have access to several proven and trusted rust inhibitors. Simply add it to the blast water and it will hold flash rust for up to 72 hours. (Sometimes even longer)
Why is RapidBlast™ thousands of dollars cheaper?
Because RapidBlast™ is made in Australia, there is no import, shipping or currency conversion fees to worry about. Buying from the manufacturer also means there is no middle man markup. This is why we can offer a quality machine at low prices.
What happens to the used media?
The abrasive will drop to the ground around where you are working. It can be easily swept once dry. An easier way is to lay plastic down beneath the work area, then roll up and dispose of when finished.
Does the rust inhibitor need to be removed before painting?
The inhibitors we use do not leave a barrier around the metal. It leaves no residue at all, which is perfect because clean metal is what you need for painting. It completely decontaminates the metal by removing chlorides and salts from the water.
Do you offer finance?
Yes, we recommend the services of Mark O’Keeffe of TPH Australia. Contact Mark for a great deal on leasing and fixed term rental plans. www.tphaustralia.com.au

“The equipment is very high quality and I’ve been using it for nearly 12 months with zero down time! The amount of adjustments your system has compared to the others on the market means that I have far more control over how much media I consume and the amount of vapour produced.”


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