Calculate operating costs and predict your own income

Have you ever wondered any of the following:

  • What is the cost of sandblasting?
  • How much can i charge per hour of sandblasting?
  • What is the return on investment in a sandblasting business?
  • How long will it take to pay off the equipment?
  • How much money can i make from a sandblasting business?
  • Is a mobile sandblasting business profitable?

Using the calculator tool below, choose your own terms and decide how quickly you wish to pay off the equipment.

Mobile sandblasting can be a profitable business, but like any other business, it requires a bit of effort. However, compared to many other businesses, a mobile sandblasting business offers the advantages of

  • Low set up cost
  • High return on investment
  • Flexibility of working hours
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • No franchising fees, no licensing fees or royalty payments.

By operating just 15 hours a week, you can have a full trailer package paid off within just 9 months…….

Charge-out rates vary from place to place depending on the location, size of the job, competition, accessibility etc but average around $240 per hour in Australia. Operating costs vary based on abrasive media used, thickness of corrosion/coating to be removed, distance to travel, etc. On average, using garnet, operating costs approximate $90 per hour and the gross profit is approx. $150 per hour in capital cities.