Elcometer Blast Equipment

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With over 70 years in the industry, Elcometer has applied its experience and knowledge to develop highly efficient blast machines. Elcometer Performance Abrasive Blast Machines are designed to work flat out for longer durations. Quantum Blast Technologies is the exclusive distributor for Elcometer Blast Machines in Australia.

Wide Range of Sizes to Suit your Needs!

Whether you are blasting at a dockyard or in a blast room, Elcometer offers a range of blast machines, from 60 up to 285 liters.

Elcometer Engineered

Whether you are blasting at a dockyard or in a blast room, Elcometer offers a range of blast machines, from 60 up to 285 litres. Elcometer standard blast machines are CE approved to PED 2014/68EU. Every aspect of an Elcometer Blast Machine uses high-quality components, is manufactured, and engineered by Elcometer experts. Elcometer experts have found the sweet spot between volume, speed, and pressure of air to the nozzle resulting in higher efficiency. Subsequently, higher efficiency in blast pressures will result in faster blasting and lower media usage inducing cost savings and lower clean-up times.

Advantages of Elcometer Blast Machines

High Productivity

Productivity is a function of pressure and airflow – for every psi at the nozzle above 100psi, you get a 1.5% increase in productivity.

Minimal Loss of Pressure

Elcometer Blast Machines are designed to generate a maximum pressure of 174. This combined with the ideal blast hose, considering diameter, length, age, and quality, results in minimal pressure loss at the nozzle.

Larger Blast Area

Elcometer uses an internal pipe diameter of 38mm, which results in an optimal cubic air flow rate per minute. This enables users to use a bigger nozzle to blast more in less time.

Longer Blasting time

The high maximum working pressure of Elcometer Blast Machines allows users to sustain nozzle pressure over much larger lengths of hose, even as it wears.

Enhanced Safety

The remote control valves minimise airflow loss and shut the system down quickly and safely from the nozzle.

Lower Media Costs

Higher efficiency in blast pressure will induce faster blasting and lower media usage to blast the same area to the same level. This will result in cost savings through lower media usage and lower clean-up times. Furthermore, the abrasive media valves include fingertip adjustment allowing users to specifically control media flow, even during blasting.

Key Features

Quality Construction

Coated with 2 pack epoxy multi-coat paint for corrosion protection

High Flow Pipework

Efficient airflow and minimal pressure loss

Moisture Separators

Prevents water and oil from entering the blast pot

Waterproof components

Waterproof Sieves & Lids to prevent water ingress

Lower Media Costs

Media valves with fingertip adjustment to control media flow whilst blasting

Portable Design

Easy to manoeuvre by a single person through most standard doorways

Quantum Blast also manufactures wet abrasive blasting equipment under the RapidBlast™ range. The equipment is extremely versatile to suit a wide range of applications on different surfaces. The equipment is designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia and supported by a strong team of technical experts. Other products include the Elcometer dry blast machines, Wagner and Graco paint spray equipment, RPB Nova and Bullard PPE, and blasting spared and consumables.

Quantum Blast offers a diverse range of products to cater to the demands of various industries. The Elcometer range of dry abrasive pots offer efficient performance inducing cost and time savings.

For more details, call the sales team on 1300 822 569 or email sales@quantumblast.com.au

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