Why Purchase An Australian Made Wet Blast Cabinet?

  • By quantumblast
  • November 11, 2022


Wet blast cabinet is a cutting-edge technology for surface cleaning and surface preparation. The wet blast cabinet is efficient, dustless, fast, and suitable for small, medium, and large workshops.

Why purchase an Australian made wet blast cabinet?

Wet blast cabinets are very popular in Europe and USA for surface preparation and surface cleaning due to their precision and versatility and this technology is used by F1 teams, the defense industry, and renowned car manufacturers BMW, Mercedes Benz, and others.

Quantum Blast Australia, manufacturers of RapidBlast™, the only Australian made portable wet abrasive blaster are proud to expand its product range to include the all-new VAPR-Blast™ – a revolutionary wet blast cabinet for use in all sizes of workshops.

VAPR-Blast™ is built in Australia for industries in Australia and the world.

Quantum Blast Australia offers you:

  • High Quality
  • Proudly made in Australia for Australian customers and overseas customers
  • The quality is the same or superior to reputed European brands but at a much lower price
  • Locally available spares and consumables
  • Local technical support, training, and customer service.
  • Can work with many abrasive media including garnet, glass beads, aluminum oxide, crushed glass, and soda bi-carbonate.

VAPR-Blast™  wet blast cabinet has the following features

  • Constructed completely in high-grade stainless steel with a large 1100 x 1100 working area.
  • Powered by a robust and efficient slurry pump to provide the power when you need it and precision controls to allow you to get the right blast pressure for when blasting more delicate items.
  • The choice of abrasive media and the level of controls will help you achieve the desired finish you require on a range of surfaces.
  • Large viewing panel with wiper and screen water wash
  • Large extraction fan to clear vapor and provide clear visibility
  • Interior rubber lining
  • High-illumination LED lights
  • Water wash down
  • Separate controls for pump, light, and fan
  • Quick release pump
  • Simple to use and easy to maintain

-Blast™ is built in Australia for industries in Australia and the world

Considerations in Purchasing an overseas made blast cabinet

  • Cabinets made overseas may not comply with Australian standards
  • Supply of parts and consumables may not be immediately available
  • Purchase of cabinet from direct manufacturer is much more preferable
  • Technical support and advice from a sales distributor is not the same as from the manufactuerer
  • Price of overseas made cabinets from UK/US is much higher and inflated with middlemen/distributors
  • Quality of material used and workmanship in cabinets from low cost countries could be poor

Final word

A wet blast cabinet has wide applications including restoring automobile parts like alloy wheels, and engine housing, or cleaning the burrs from components machined on machining centers.

For more information on VAPR-Blast™ wet blast cabinets please visit Quantum Blast

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