We know what you are thinking

Who the heck is Quantum Blast?

We’re a Sandblasting Supplies and Manufacturing Company That Loves What We Do, and We Do What We Love!

We know what you’re thinking! “They’re about to tell us about how they’re super passionate about sandblasting equipment, talk about their “rich history” and tell us how they’re changing the industry, right?” Well… yeah. But, in our defense, that’s kind of the purpose of this entire page. This is our About Us page! We can say we slay dragons and ride pegasus to work. But, we’ll try to stick to the script.

The Beginning (In A Galaxy Far Far Away)

It all started in 1654, back when… Ok. You caught us! We don’t have hundreds of years in the industry. And none of us got handed a company by our great grandfathers (why have you forsaken us pappy!?) We weren’t born into this business; we worked our booties off to get here. There’s no “pedigree” on display here at Quantum Blast. We started off like most of you reading this page — we were, blasting contractors. But, we’re also businessmen and inventors. And, after using cheaply built blasters or units built overseas that cost a fortune, we decided we’d had enough. Why weren’t there any high-quality, low-cost, Australian-made wet abrasive blasters on the market that were built for contractors? Guess what… there are now.

The Middle (The RapidBlast™ SD120)

If we had to jot down the four core drivers that led us to the creation of The RapidBlast SD120. They would be:

  • Design, develop and manufacture high-quality equipment in Australia
  • Ensure that the equipment does not cost a fortune
  • Develop equipment that has unique features and functionality and is versatile to many applications.
  • Provide incredible, honest customer service from knowledgeable and experienced blasters

Our RapidBlast SD120 is what put us on the map. Now we have released the SD140. It’s user-friendly controls, low media consumption, and our customer service built us a loyal customer following that we could have only dreamt of.

And, things have just exploded since then.

Today (The Online Store, Customer Support, And Low Prices)

We may have started by developing the most efficient and robust wet blaster in Australia. But we didn’t stop there. We’re still in the lab innovating and developing daily. We just released a smaller version — the SD80 Series 2. And you should stay tuned to hear about some very exciting developments that will be launched soon but we are not allowed to talk about as yet..”

Today, we have an incredible online store where we offer high-quality hoses, safety equipment, blast media, and much more at affordable prices. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill sandblasting products. See this $3.20 push-in-fitting? We stand by this fitting. We’ll even kiss the package when we send it to you. Every item in our online catalog was hand-selected for its durability, strength, and price. From the $3 fittings to the high-quality airline filters — our products represent our brand.

We also offer 100% free support on all of our equipment. Remember those companies who charge you to offer support on their equipment? Yeah… those guys are lame. Having an issue? Contact us day-or-night. We’ll do you right.

And, we plan on doing so much more. We like to put out free resources for you all to help you make smart contracting decisions (we even have some cool resources that will teach you how to start your own contracting business!) And, we plan on making bigger, better, and more affordable equipment.

We started off with a bang. And, we don’t plan on sizzling out! In fact, we opened six warehouses in the last six months. People love our products. And we’re willing to bet you will too.

Ready to Work With Someone Who Cares?

Do you know how companies always tell you they care while they flip through your billfold? That’s not us. Need something shipped immediately to some remote place? Let us know! We’ll work with you. Is something stuck in the valve in your equipment? Give us a call. We won’t ask for your card or send out “super specialists” that charge you $300 to screw in a hose. We’re here for you! We value honesty, integrity, mateship, and all the other values that we stand for in Australia. Here’s a question. Do you really believe that other companies are there for you? When you have a problem on Saturday after 5 pm, do you think they’re going to answer the phone? We will! Remember, we were blasters too. And, we don’t plan on “selling out” and making cheap products to boost our bottom line. Our hands are still cracked, and there’s no lotion in our house. Ready to experience life with a blasting company that actually cares? And, one that makes an incredible Australian product at an equally incredible price point?