Blast Media

Quantum Blast provides quality abrasive blasting media


Almandine Garnet blast media

Premium sand blasting Garnet available with Chloride levels under 25ppm.

Hardness 7.5-8.0

20/40, 30/60 or 80 mesh

Available in 1T bulker bags or 40x 25kg bags (1T)

Matt - Hydra Blast Restorations

I have to emphasize, the Garnet that Quantum Blast has supplied me, is the best i have ever used,
and i have used quite a number of different manufacturers.

Know your Garnet

Quantum Blast provides quality Almandine blasting media

Rock Garnet or Almandine rock garnet is found in underground deposits.

The raw garnet rocks are crushed into sharp angular, chunky fragments ideally suited for aggressive blasting.

Almandine Garnet grain’s natural physical and chemical properties offering low dust levels, angular shapes, high specific gravity and hardness make it most suitable for use in the blasting industry.

Alluvial garnet is typically found on riverbeds or natural hollows where it has been displaced by running water.

As it is exposed to the constant impact or tumbling from the waves, beach and river garnet tends to be of smaller mesh sizes and rounder in shape compared to the angular faces of rock garnet.

Grain shapes are important factor in blasting efficiency.

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