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Quantum Blast Technologies, the leaders in portable wet abrasive blasting equipment now introduce the VAPR-Blast range of Wet Blast cabinets.

The VAPR-Blast Wet Blast Cabinet is a premium commercial grade machine that combines abrasive media, water and compressed air to achieve superior finishes on parts of different shapes and sizes.

Wet Blast Advantages

As opposed to dry blasters, the VAPR-Blast Wet Cabinet uses the vapour blasting method to encapsulate abrasive particles in fine droplets of water. This has several advantages:

  • The additional element of water provides a much smoother flow, less ricocheting of the abrasive and protects the surface.
  • Different abrasives can provide different finishes as required. Glass or plastic beads can provide a polished finish whereas garnet can provide a cutting effect for a matt finish.
  • Fragmentation is reduced by the film of water
  • The risk of abrasive impregnation is minimal. The resulting finish is much cleaner for further processes such as painting, plating or coating.
  • The abrasive action is more consistent across the entire surface
  • Dust is trapped and contained by the water.

Fine-Tuned Control

The VAPR-Blast Wet Blast Cabinet is designed to be adaptable for different surfaces and finishes. The supply of abrasive, water and air can be finely adjusted to match the surface you are blasting.

The VAPR-Blast Wet Blast Cabinet is a true multi-media blaster. It can work with a range of abrasive media such as garnet, aluminium oxide, glass beads, plastic beads etc. in a range of mesh sizes depending on the surface and profile desired.

Flexibility and precise control in VAPR-Blast is part of the RapidBlast DNA. High quality valves, precise gauges and a carefully designed network of hoses, connections and valves provides superb performance and consistency.

Low Maintenance

Our Wet Blast Cabinet features a seal-less slurry pump which provides efficient flow and long durability. It doesn’t require pre-cleaning and has a very low abrasive impregnation risk.

In addition, the closed loop system of a wet blasting cabinet means lower running costs. It reduces the amount of media you need to buy and clean from the system. This makes the system both environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

VAPR-Blast™ is a multi-media blaster and you can use any of the recommended abrasive media depending on the substrate being blasted and the surface profile desired. You can use many different abrasive media including glass beads, garnet, aluminium oxide, soda bi-carbonate etc depending on the application and finish desired.


The Australian made VAPR-Blast is made fully of stainless steel, treated and powder coated to a high quality finish. It has a large interior working space of 1140 x 1140mm x 790mm that can fit most automotive parts

It has large extraction fans to keep the mist clear and bright LED lighting to provide clear illumination while blasting. The cabinet has a high grade 1.5kw slurry pump with polyurethane impellers. The cabinet requires three phase power.

Optional accessories are a trolley and a turntable.

With increased control of each variable, the Wet Blast Cabinet can be used for a wide variety of processes and surfaces. The Wet Blast Cabinet can be used to perform a variety of operations on a large variety of parts, for example:


  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Oil and Gas
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Medical
  • Antiques
  • Metalworking

Endless Applications

  • Paint Stripping
  • Degreasing (combined with coating removal)
  • De-burring
  • Die Cleaning
  • Etching various surfaces
  • Dust free Peening
  • Cleaning parts such as engine blocks, motor cycle and bicycle parts
  • Industrial Component cleaning
  • Alloy wheels cleaning and polishing
  • Surface activation/preparation for bonding or coating
  • CNC machining (without leaving tool marks)
  • And much, much more

For rust-prone materials, the RapidHold Superstrength Rust Inhibitor can be added to provide temporary rust protection during blasting.

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