Is dustless blasting a profitable business?

Working for yourself is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do and RapidBlast has an impressive new solution for starting your own business. The SD120 is a mobile dustless blasting unit that is commercial grade. It is perfect for prospective business owners who want to work with their hands outdoors.

RapidBlast’s SD120 dustless blasting machine can be used to start a business in paint removal, rust removal and or graffiti removal. This versatile unit can also be used for restoring brickwork and cars. The demand for these services is high and ongoing, ensuring your business can be rewarding and profitable.

Feel the satisfaction of working with your hands

Dustless blasting is an attractive business opportunity for people who like physical work. The satisfaction of completing a job is enormous, when you achieve your goal using your own equipment, and your own hands. The SD120 has been designed for contractors, by contractors, and the team at Quantum Blast understands the great feeling of accomplishment at work.

Be rewarded financially, in your own business

The SD120 offers financial gain, in addition to an enjoyable business. With a multitude of highly practical uses, this unit will always keep you in demand. It will enable to you specialise just in graffiti removal or paint removal, or diversify into including restorations and refurbishments. Your business can easily change and grow with the demand.

The best dustless blasting machines prices

Have control over your business

Rapid Blast is not a franchise, which means we never control your business. We have simply developed a quality and effective dustless blasting kit that can form the foundation of an effective and profitable business. Find freedom as an entrepreneur and run your business how you want to. You can even choose custom colours for your SD120, to match your desired brand.

Live a flexible lifestyle

Working for yourself allows you to choose your own hours and lead a flexible working lifestyle. Be more involved with your family, children, or friends. Invest time in your hobbies or passions, and never have the need to seek approval for holidays again. Choose the geographical area you want to work in, so you are never too far away from home.

Invest in a quality product from Australia

RapidBlast offer the best quality dustless blasting machines for sale on the market today. When you invest in equipment for a new business, it is essential that it supports you for many years ahead. The SD120 offers a quality wet abrasive blaster at an affordable price – perfect for you to kickstart a new viable business. This blaster has been designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia, for Australians. Have a look at our other products for more dustless blasting machine products from RapidBlast.

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