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There is a huge amount of abrasive blasting that occurs in Townsville that it may as well be called the capital of the sandblasting industry in Australia. Quantum Blast is privileged to serve the industry and supplies high quality sandblasting equipment, abrasive media and sandblasting supplies to the industry.

Professional blasters know that a coating is only as good as the preparation of the underlying surface. Quantum Blast can not only help you choose the right sandlasting equipment, advise on the right abrasive but also supply the best quality at a competitive price.

Professional blasters rely on Quantum Blast to help achieve a lasting coating for any application with the best sandblasting equipment and abrasive media depending on the surface being blasted and the surface profile desired. With the right abrasive, one can get the job done faster, minimise the volume of abrasive used and maximise the profits.

Sand Blasting Garnet

There are a number of waterjet cutting companies also in and around Townsville and Quantum Blast supplies high quality almandine garnet that is considered to be the most suitable abrasive for waterjet cutting.

We know the challenges of blasting contractors in Townsville as we have been in your shoes. After being frustrated with poor quality equipment, outrageous pricing and enduring bad customer service, we decided to provide a fresh alternative to the blasting industry.

We have designed and manufactured high-quality, low-cost and Australian made abrasive blasters that are built to address the unique challenges faced by contractors across Townsville.

We can help you to start your own mobile abrasive blasting business and become your own boss. Mobile abrasive blasting also known as dustless blasting is a highly profitable business opportunity and it requires a very low investment. You can choose  your own working hours and enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

Sandblasting Supplies Online

We are the first sandblasting supplies company in Australia to sell sandblasting supplies online.
Quantum Blast provides high quality abrasive media such as garnet, soda bicarbonate, aluminium oxide and crushed glass for businesses all across Townsville. From our warehouse in Townsville, we offer a very prompt and efficient delivery service across the whole of Far North Queensland from Innisfail in the north to Gladstone in the south and Mt Isa in the west.

Our Townsville warehouse is located at:

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22-26 Jay Street, Bohle 4818

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We will not be beaten on quality or price. But don’t take our word for it. If you would like to speak to any one of our customers, please let us know and we will gladly put you in touch with one of the hundreds of satisfied customers in Queensland.

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