Start Your Own Profitable Abrasive Mobile Blasting Business in Cairns

Do you live in or around Cairns and are thinking of starting your own business, becoming your own boss and master of your own destiny?

The humid tropical weather in Cairns presents a business opportunity definitely worth capitalising on. It causes metal products to rust and for the paint to flake off quicker than in dry climates.

Sandblasting can clean, etch and smooth the surface of any material and is predominantly used on metallic surfaces. It is one of the most efficient and fast methods to clean as it uses just two elements – compressed air and an abrasive to shape and smooth surface of any foreign material. With the addition of a third element of water, it becomes not only more powerful but incredibly versatile. This is known as dustless blasting or wet abrasive blasting. As the name suggests, it is virtually dustless, environmentally friendly and can be carried out anywhere, even in public areas. Secondly, there is no booth required and can thus be done on large or rigid structures.   It is mainly well suited for the removal of rust which causes surface damage.

Your One Stop Blasting Shop for Blast Media & Supplies

If you look around your area in Cairns, you will find countless industries and things that need to be blasted. For instance, boats, piers, fire hydrants, cars, agricultural equipment, fences, transmission towers, gates… the list is endless. If you are living in Cairns, you are very lucky as you don’t have to look too hard to find opportunities.

Whether you are a sandblasting contractor, or wish to start your own new abrasive blasting business or do blasting of products in your own business, there is one place that you may not want to overlook for top quality sandblasting equipment and sandblasting supplies.

Quantum Blast is your one stop shop with everything you require to start your blasting business. Whether you need advanced abrasive blasting equipment or abrasive media supplies – we’ve got you covered!

Quantum Blast is a sandblasting supplies and manufacturing company offering an extensive range of solutions across Cairns.

Success of any industrial sandblasting business depends on three factors – expert work, excellent client service and a strong work ethic

We have been in your shoes as blasting contractors in Cairns and have been putting all the hard (and smart) work to deliver the best outcomes to our customers. Throughout our journey, we have learned and gained a better understanding of different industries and how their needs vary from one another.

Abrasive Blasters Manufacturer

We have designed and manufactured high-quality, low-cost and Australian made abrasive blasters that are built to address the unique challenges faced by contractors across Cairns.

Quantum Blast provides high quality abrasive media such as garnet, sod and glass for businesses all across Cairns. From our warehouse in Cairns, we offer a very prompt and efficient delivery service across the whole of Far North Queensland from Bamaga in the north to Innisfail in the south and Nicholson in the west.

Our Cairns warehouse is located at:

SNI Marsh

118 Gordon Street, Gordonvale QLD 4865

We will not be beaten on quality or price. But don’t take our word for it. If you would like to speak to any one of our customers, please let us know and we will gladly put you in touch with one of the hundreds of satisfied customers in Queensland.

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