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Rapid Blast
Australian Made
Rapid Blast
Australian Made
Rapid Blast

The RapidBlast™ Difference.

The RapidBlast™ MB Series is the premium range of pressure-hold sandblasters. The equipment is designed and developed in Australia and locally assembled in Adelaide by expert technicians with years of experience in the blasting industry. The MB250 is perfect for contractors as well as end users who have high volumes of commercial blasting operations. The MB150 is suited for smaller industrial applications or buyers that have less frequent usage.


The RapidBlast™ MB Series provides superb performance for a variety of applications to remove corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from a range of surfaces. The blasting process provides an uniform surface texture and creates a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings.


Operator Efficiency:

The RapidBlast™ MB Series is a pressure hold system whereby the pressure is maintained in the pressure vessel even when the Deadman handle is released. This improves efficiency as it provides an uninterrupted blast flow particularly for intermittent blasting processes with frequent stops and starts. The MB Series provides a quick refill process, optimum height, ergonomic design and easy manoeuvrability to minimise work time and operator fatigue.

Low Abrasive Consumption: Pressure hold +Thompson II Valve

In contrast to pressure hold systems, a pressure release system has to de-pressurise and re-pressurise each time the Deadman handle is released and activated resulting in wastage of media. The MB Series comes with the Schmidt Thompson Valve 2 outlet system that provides fine adjustment to deliver the optimum amount of abrasive required for the job.

Multi-media Blaster

The equipment can be used with a variety of media ranging from garnet, crushed glass, soda bicarbonate, aluminium oxide, glass beads, steel grit, steel shots, walnut shells, etc depending on the surface being blasted, the coating required to be removed and the surface profile desired to be achieved.

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