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Nova 3 Helmet C/W Constant Air Control

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High performance protection

Operator visibility has been at the forefront of the Nova 3 design, and we’ve achieved this by incorporating a large panoramic visor. This provides operators with an uncompromised field of view, which supports greater and precision when blasting. When teamed with our cassette lens system, this ensures your field of view is always fresh by simply peeling away a protective layer to reveal a clean lens underneath.

Design Features

  • Streamlined air flow directs air to the breathe zone and prevents fogging of the lens
  • Tough helmet shell, manufactured from engineering grade nylon
  • Large visor window provides optimum downward and peripheral vision
  • Large latch that is easy to locate and use even when wearing gloves
  • Bellow seal creates a complete barrier against dust and particulates
  • Cape seal prevents abrasives and dust from entering the helmet
  • Choose from six cape options: Leather cape (standard length or extra long), nylon cape (standard length or extra long), and blast jacket (XL or XXL).
  • Compatible with supplied air

Built to last

Tough headtop shell design, manufactured from robust engineering grade nylon.

Simple part replacement

All parts are field replaceable, using one small hex key that is incorporated into the headtop’s design.

Streamlined airflow

Supplied air is directed down the visor to prevent lens fogging and head chill.

Comfortable fit

Internal padding system distributes weight evenly across the head to alleviate neck and shoulder strain, and to reduce the effects of fatigue.

Comfort Features

  • Adjustable padding to fit with the ratchet and molded side pads
  • Close-fitting padding ensures the helmet fits snugly and moves with your head
  • All padding is machine washable for hygiene purposes

Productivity Features

  • All parts are field replaceable using the allen key that sits neatly inside the padding
  • Compatible with our unique cassette lens system
  • Fast inner lens replacement
  • Removable visor for efficient lens replacement


  • Compatible with the optional radio communication system
  • Optional tinted inner lenses

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm